Monday, March 31, 2014

Transit Rail Car Parts Cleaning

T-7000-P Spray Washer

Around the country daily, metropolitan mass transit authorities transport commuters via rail.  Dirt, grease and grime need to be routinely removed from the large parts on the transit rail cars to ensure the efficiency and reliability of the mass transit system.

The T-7000-P heavy-duty, top-loading spray washer blasts large, rail car parts clean.  The powered lid opens so that parts can be hoist-loaded onto the 70" diameter turntable which has a 2,500 lb. load capacity. This parts washer has wash and dry stages (the wash solution is re-circulated from a heated tank), oil and particle filters and a steam exhaust system.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pharmaceutical Washer to Clean Pill Slats

Pill Slat Washer for Pharmaceutical Industry

In the packaging section of a pharmaceutical plant, there are pill counting machines that automatically insert pills into the bottles. During a changeover, from one type of a pill to another, everything in the line gets torn down and cleaned. The "pill slats" from the counting machine are the parts getting cleaned in this application.

The challenge is to automatically wash, rinse, and dry two (2) full sets of pill slats in a 30 minute cycle; there are 72 slats per set.

This CE-3000-SAN sanitization spray washer is specifically designed for the food and drug industry.  The washer automatically sequences through a wash stage, one or more rinse stages, and a dry stage.  The fixture holds 144 slats and is adjustable for different slat lengths. The tank can be automatically dumped after a given stage. CIP nozzles clean-out the tank before it is refilled.


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Monday, March 10, 2014

Turntable Washer for Large Castings

Industrial Parts Washer with Roll-in Door Cabinet

An 80 year old, family owned/operated company manufacturers components for industrial hot and cold water circulation systems... pumps, valves, heat exchanges, air removal devices, etc.

Imported castings need to have Cosmoline removed. Machined parts are also washed to remove chips and oils. Much of their parts cleaning was done by hand, which they found to be inefficient.

Better Engineering's F-RD-7000 turntable parts washer handled the application efficiently and effectively. This automatic parts washer has a roll-in door, a 70” diameter turntable with 2,500 lb. holding capacity, and 60” working height.

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Custom Spray Washer for Turbine Blades and Vanes

Jet Parts Washer for Aircraft Engines

Clean turbine blades on jet engines is an integral part of the aerospace industry.

A manufacturer of turbine blades and vanes required a parts washer capable of handling 4 different applications: 1) To clean a water soluble zirconium oxide slurry off ceramic coated blades post laser drill. 2) To rinse FPI fluid off uncoated parts. 3) To wash water based coolant off post CNC mill parts. 4) To wash oil based coolant off post CNC grinder parts. They also required internal cavities to be flushed.

In this F-3000-P jet washer, up to four (4) blades are fixtured on the turntable such that the "root holes" of the parts are facing up. In this orientation, water and air are blasted into the parts to thoroughly flush and dry the internal passageways. At the same time, the turntable is rotating and the exterior of the parts ware washed and dried. This stainless steel machine has wash ,rinse and dry stages.

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Cleaning Metal Stampings

C-24 Conveyor Washer This C-24 conveyor washer, with a 24" wide belt, is cleaning stampings coming off a press at the rate of 150 par...