Monday, December 11, 2017

Engine Block Cleaning


This F-5000LX-P heavy duty spray washer is designed to clean and flush diesel engine blocks during the  manufacturing process. In cycle, the turntable rotates the block. During the wash stage, the outside of the block is sprayed and a critical oil gallery is flushed via a special “flush line”.  After the block is washed, the exterior of the block is sprayed with a rust inhibiting solution that is recirculated  from a second heated tank.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Engine Piston Cleaning



This Carousel system cleans diesel engine pistons inside and out including a cavity that only has access via two (2) small, ¼” diameter holes. Parts are robotically loaded and unloaded from the same front position. The turntable indexes every 45 seconds moving the parts through the wash, rinse, and dry zones. Features of the system include: a)  “Zero Degree” jets to blast into the hollow cavity area, b) locating repeatability of +/- 0.030” for the robot, c) all stainless construction, etc.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Tote / Dunnage Cleaning



The customer needed a conveyor washer that could clean a huge variety of totes at a relatively fast pace - approx. 300 totes per hour. The size range was daunting….from a small 12” x 7” x 1” tote up to a much larger 48” x 45” x 2” base/cover. The C-24-S5/ DH washer is getting the job done. The hallmark feature is a rail support system that holds the totes on edge (to minimize retained water)and that requires just seconds to adjust (from either end, one operator can pivot one side of the rails in or out). The C-24 washes and dries the complete spectrum of parts.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Deluxe Monorail Washing System

Monorail/ Conveyor Parts Cleaning System

The hallmark of the system is an oval monorail conveyor with universal fixtures (can hold 20 different transmission cases). The cases are loaded on one end, move through four (4) stages (wash, rinse, water blow-out, and dry) and are unloaded on the other end. Other main features include: a) an automated water blow-out module that can identify each type of part and move air nozzles close to the critical holes, and b) a separate belt conveyor to clean the pallets on which the cases are transported.

Cleaning Metal Stampings

C-24 Conveyor Washer This C-24 conveyor washer, with a 24" wide belt, is cleaning stampings coming off a press at the rate of 150 par...