Monday, February 24, 2014

Remove Slag, Machining Fluid From HPT Blades More Efficiently

Parts Washing System for HPT Blades

Hundreds of "fins" surround the center "rotor" section of jet engines.  These fins are actually high pressure turbine (HPT) blades which are very complex.  The surface of the part is peppered with tiny EDM holes which lead to a central cavity and larger "root holes" in the rectangular end.

These blades eventually wear down from air friction and have to be rebuilt.  Metal is added, the ends are re-contoured, and EDM holes are re-cut.  After being rebuilt, the parts have to be cleaned - EDM slag removed, dielectric fluid removed, etc.

Cleaning these parts can slow and cumbersome.  The solution is to flush, don’t spray.  Put the parts inside a sealed box which is divided into upper and lower chambers.  Solution from the wash tank is forced into the upper chamber of the box.  Under pressure, the water is forced into the EDM holes, through the central cavity and out the root holes.

The process is reversed in the rinse stage.  Rinse water is pumped into the lower half of the box under pressure.  The water is forced into the root holes of the blades, up through the central cavity, and out the EDM holes at the top.

This method of parts cleaning is more efficient and effective than traditional spray washing.  BE's two tank "PCS" Precision Cleaning System parts washer with a vertical pneumatic doorway meets the stringent cleaning requirements for these aerospace parts.  All wetted parts of the washer are stainless steel.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Monorail Parts Washer for Protective Sports Eyewear

Monorail Style Conveyor Washer

This company is renowned for their high quality sports goggles and sunglasses.  They needed a monorail style conveyor washer to clean the frames prior to paint.  The frames had to be clean and dry in order for the paint to adhere properly.  This was not an easy challenge when you consider that each piece had to be clipped to a rack and water gets trapped in the lens groove.

The solution... first, design monorail racks to meet 3 criteria: 1) firmly hold the parts; 2) orient the parts for best drying, and 3) minimize interference with the paint guns.  Then design a monorail system to wash, rinse, and dry these racks at speed.  The custom monorail cleaning system pictured met all design requirements and the customer's application.

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