Monday, June 27, 2016

Parts Washer for Robotic Work Cell

Batch Parts Cleaning Pinion Housings

This RTO-2000 is a fully automated jet washer for a robotic work cell... one robot loads and unloads the washing system as well as other machining centers in the cell. The sequence of operations is: 1) robot loads a part onto the RTO's (return-to-operator) dolly/fixture; 2) the dolly is powered into the cleaning chamber and onto a turntable; 3) the door powers down and the cleaning cycle starts; 4) in cycle, the turntable rotates and the machine sequences through wash. rinse, and dry stages, and 5) at the end of the cycle the door opens and the dolly is powered out. All critical functions and positions are monitored, with data transmitted via Ethernet.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Cleaning Rocket Engine Fuel Lines and Nozzles

Part Washer for the RL-10 Rocket Engine

Wash and dry system designed to remove a petroleum based residue from nozzles post production

The part is a long, narrow tube with various bends, and with one end having a square, keyhole shape. There are four (4) different tubes, varying in length.


A beeswax/Vaseline compound is used when forming the square end. This compound must be removed from the inside of the tube. These were being manually cleaned. One man would take three (3) days to clean just thirty of these tubes.

A UHMW fixture was designed to hold sixty (60) tubes of various lengths. This F-3000-P system is cleaning sixty (60) tubes in less than 15 minutes. The heat of the solution helps to melt down the wax.

A stainless steel F-3000-P with an ARC-22 rinse tank and compressed air dry. This system had a 5 HP wash pump and 65” of inside working height.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Cleaning Utility Transformer Cans

Remove Heavy Oils and Build-up from the Interior and Exteriors of 200 Transformer Cans Per Day


This customer is a state-owned public utility. They needed to wash, rinse and dry transformer “cans” in large quantities for re-manufacture. They were steam cleaning, which was labor intensive and caused various environmental hazards.


These transformer “cans” must be cleaned inside and out of heavy oils (almost tar-like) in preparation for a painting process. This tar-like substance is extremely difficult to remove from the inside of the can and from the interior bottom seal. Another challenge was the minimal requirement to clean 200 "cans" per day. 


Engineer a turntable that in essence is a rotating spray manifold with five (5) “drum” nozzles that go up inside the transformer “cans”. The parts are sprayed inside and outside while the turntable is rotating . A nine (9) minute wash/rinse/dry cycle produces meticulously clean parts; the drum nozzles can be quick disconnected so other types of parts can be cleaned (i.e., transformer insulators.)


A Stainless Steel F-6000LX-P-SS with recirculated rinse cycle and regenerative air blow down with heat. Several options were also included such as: PLC Control with touch screen, conductivity meter, end-of-cycle beacon light, and a Detergent Injection System.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Cleaning Aircraft Wheels

Wheel Washing System F-6000LX-P 

The air force needed a system to clean wheels coming off their F-15 fighter jets. Better Engineering supplied this F-6000 jet washer with a universal fixture that can handle any aircraft wheel in their fleet. The fixture holds four (4) wheel halves per cycle.

For each wheel, there are 2 plastic covered posts that go through the center hub (the posts adjust in and out for different wheel diameters) and a spring loaded holder that pushes against the top of the wheel rim to hold it in place. The operator uses the jog button to rotate the turntable to the next fixture position. Once loaded, simply close the door and hit "cycle start".

Features included:
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 60" diameter turntable
  • "Purifier" wrap-around door (55 % of the turntable is in front of the
     doorway for easy loading)
  • Maximum safety; the turntable is not mounted to the door
  • Heated wash stage with 50 HP high pressure pump; outputs 200 GPM
    at 150 PSI
  • Fresh rinse stage; zero discharge
  • "Purifier" filtration includes....slopped tank floor, built-in sludge trap,
     powered oil skimmer.

Cleaning Metal Stampings

C-24 Conveyor Washer This C-24 conveyor washer, with a 24" wide belt, is cleaning stampings coming off a press at the rate of 150 par...