Friday, May 9, 2014

Replacing Solvent Cleaning with a Water Based System

Aircraft Parts Cleaning System

In the middle of a jet engine there are parts called a “Rotor”, a “Stator” and a “Stage 2 Nozzle Assembly.” The “Stator”  is around 5 ft. high and the “Rotor” is close to 7 ft. high.

The customer needed to replace vapor degreasers with an environmentally clean aqueous system. The system had to handle all three parts (each very different from the other) and still meet the stringent cleanliness specifications.

A special fixture was designed for each part and mounted on the turntable such that one did not interfere with the use of the others. The wash, rinse, dry and deburring manifolds could all be removed or pivoted out of the way when not in use.

A stainless F-5000-P parts washer with an ARC-22 rinse tank, a compressed air drying system, and a 3,000 PSI pump for deburring met the rigorous requirements needed to precisely clean jet engine parts.

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