Friday, May 6, 2016

Cleaning Rocket Engine Fuel Lines and Nozzles

Part Washer for the RL-10 Rocket Engine

Wash and dry system designed to remove a petroleum based residue from nozzles post production

The part is a long, narrow tube with various bends, and with one end having a square, keyhole shape. There are four (4) different tubes, varying in length.


A beeswax/Vaseline compound is used when forming the square end. This compound must be removed from the inside of the tube. These were being manually cleaned. One man would take three (3) days to clean just thirty of these tubes.

A UHMW fixture was designed to hold sixty (60) tubes of various lengths. This F-3000-P system is cleaning sixty (60) tubes in less than 15 minutes. The heat of the solution helps to melt down the wax.

A stainless steel F-3000-P with an ARC-22 rinse tank and compressed air dry. This system had a 5 HP wash pump and 65” of inside working height.

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